The Assault on Reason

Al Gore

An “informed citizenry” and a truly independent media to force Congress to check an unprecedented power grab by the executive branch is needed now, or the Republic may soon be lost. An alarmist overstatement? This former “almost president” cites the now catechistic litany of lies, blunders and outright crimes of this administration, and puts them in historical context. Al Gore recognizes that presidents have always tried to assert more power but points out that, for the first time in history, reason, logic, reflection and deliberation have been replaced by rigid ideology, obsessive secrecy, “convenient untruths” and raw power to drive policy. The result has been a surreal collective yawn at policies that gut the Bill of Rights, endorse torture and wage preventive war. Such illegal behavior—ongoing and unchecked—is a recipe for tyranny. “Signing statements” are not law. International treaties ratified and signed are still the “law of the land.” Preventive war is an illegal practice of rogue states. Etcetera. Reading this book would wonderfully focus the minds of disillusioned Republicans, as well as cynical Democrats and independents.