Christopher Buckley

Along with P.J. O’Rourke, Christopher “Son of William” Buckley blows off the preconception that a conservative mind cannot harbor an evolved sense of humor. Following up such satirical Beltway outings as Thank You for Smoking and Little Green Men, here Buckley casts his jaundiced eye on the Boomers … the Worst Generation spawn of the Best Generation. Ill-used at the hands of aging Boomers, Gen-Whatever blogger Cassandra Devine finds herself the figurehead of a campaign of modest-proposal proportions: Convince the creaky spoiled brats entering retirement to put themselves down in order to secure financial stability for the following generations. Yeah, like, right. As if. Although Buckley seems to have a tin ear when it comes to the language of the children of Gen-X, his main targets here are the selfish prats sucking up all available resources for themselves. The hours-from-now dystopia he envisions still makes for wickedly funny entertainment, undercut with a healthy dose of biting on real-life tinfoil.