Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Chuck Palahniuk

Any story of a young boy nicknamed after the sound of children vomiting is sure to be an odd one. Buster “Rant” Casey redefines odd. The title character of Chuck Palahniuk’s eighth novel gets off on having animals bite and infect him with various diseases. Rant is also a “superspreader” of rabies, dates a disfigured prostitute and enjoys joining in underground games where the object is to crash your car into other players. Beneath the blood and other bodily fluids, Palahniuk has crafted a tale that examines the biggest disease of them all—the human condition. The author of Fight Club has created another cult novel that puts a funhouse mirror to society. With a conclusion that calls into question not only our self-identity and reality but the novel itself, the whole thing works perfectly.