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Margaret VanLaanMartin


Margaret VanLaanMartin is a psychic and medium who grew up around the world with parents who were missionaries. She moved to Chico in 1961, later graduating from Chico State with a business degree. VanLaanMartin has been working as a psychic for more than 20 years. She owns a business called Age of Aquarius. Go to www.ageofaquariuschico.com to learn more or call 520-1900.

Did you always know you were psychic?

Absolutely not. As a child I was told this stuff was bad. I wasn’t allowed to feel anything, and if I did I was told it wasn’t true. I was really lucky because when I went to Chico State they had an astrology class where you learned about horoscopes. After that I went to the Chico Psychic Institute and took their two-year program. My normal abilities that had been blocked were able to be used.

How would you describe the services you offer?

All the things I do are working with energy. Chakra balancing is balancing energy in a person’s chakra for what’s best for them. If they want peace or healing, all those things can be balanced in your chakras. In psychic readings … I can see what’s best for their lives or how to stop a bad habit. … Mediumship energy is looking at the spirit energy of a pet or person who has passed away. … People come to me wanting to connect with them because they really miss that person or pet and the love they had for them, or if they had a bad situation with a person and want to fix it. Tarot cards are what clients most often come in for. I don’t do a traditional tarot-card reading. I use my psychic skills with the cards so the pictures on the cards tell me what’s happening to them and how to help them fix it.

How do you react to skeptics?

When I was younger I spent time dealing with people, trying to prove it to them. When they ask now, I ask them to leave my office and not come back. It’s not that I can’t prove it, but I don’t have the interest or time. I had a woman come into my office, and she asked me what the name of her sister was, and I just looked at her and said, “If you don’t know what the name of your sister is, I can’t help you!” My time is super valuable. I don’t waste it.

Can psychic powers be developed?

Yes, but you have to want it. I teach classes, and everyone who completes the one-year program tells me their life has changed completely. Most of these people are not psychics or mediums, but they use the stuff they learn to take care of themselves and to … control the energy so they can really do what they want.