Meet the photographers

They tell stories through images

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Kyle Delmar is a professional photographer who is active in the local arts scene. Many of his artful images have graced the pages—and the covers—of the CN&R over the years.

Paula Schultz is an award-winning freelance photo-artist whose work has been represented through exhibitions, competitions, commissions, and in and on the covers of numerous magazines and business websites.

JoVan Johnson grew up in Compton and moved to Chico to study business. He started shooting nightlife photography, which morphed into weddings and portraits, along with landscapes and architecture. He enjoys “literally freezing a moment in time.”

Melanie MacTavish is a small-town nut born and raised in Chico with an adoration for photographing nature’s small and unusual creatures and casualties. She’s also a regular CN&R contributor.

Max Infeld describes his photography as a “living work in progress,” one that he hopes will aid projects for both him and other artists. His photo of a lone tree at Table Mountain is this week’s cover image.