Letters for April 18, 2013

Bad place for a bar

Re “Brothers divided” (Newslines, by Howard Hardee, April 4):

I applaud Eric Hart for challenging the opening of a new bar in downtown Chico. At this time, when the community is seeking ways to battle its alcohol problem, we should be seeking to decrease the number of bars and liquor stores in town rather than opening new ones.

It seems particularly concerning that this proposed location for a new bar is a block away from the Chico State campus. If Scott Baldwin is truly interested in opening a business that would benefit the community, perhaps he should try one that is not alcohol-related.

Sharon Kaplan

Why don’t you do it?

Re “The day center idea” (Editorial, April 4):

Why don’t you set up a day center for the homeless to hang out at your house, since you’re so compassionate? Lead by example.

I’m sick of people telling me what to do, how to act, how to feel, yet they don’t follow what they preach. The next time you invite a group of homeless people to eat dinner at your house and provide them a place to sleep, let me know. Otherwise, keep your ideas to yourself. Thanks.

Kevin O’Leary

Fracking for free

Re “Big money in fracking California” (Earthwatch, March 28):

Great article about the proposed fracking in the Monterey shale formation to extract its billions of barrels of oil and gas. At the price we charge for our oil and gas, it’s obviously very attractive to oil corporations.

After all, we Californians give our oil and gas away to any corporation that can take it, free of charge! Who can’t make a profit when your raw material is supplied free? California is the only state to charge no royalty at all for these public resources. Even Texas and Alaska, two staunchly conservative pro-business states, charge hefty royalties on every gallon of their resources taken. That generates billions for their state budgets.

So not only will California have billions of gallons of our valuable water taken and pumped into the shale formation as part of the fracking process, not only will we have huge quantities of mysterious fracking-aiding chemicals pumped into the earth with that water, not only will we have all this liquid pumped under tremendous pressures into a known earthquake prone area, but we will then let the oil corporations take what they can get for free!

Well California, are you ready to get fracked-over?

Doug Fogel

The value of CEQA

Re “Reform CEQA and create jobs” (Guest comment, by Assemblyman Brian Dahle, March 28):

Boy, what a nebulous, vague, and profit-inspired banter in favor of wholesale deregulation—the neocon party line. Mr. Dahle may or may not have any real suggestions for “reforming” CEQA, but he sure doesn’t share them. More than likely he has wealthy friends who are tired of considering what the public brings to the attention of lawmakers through the CEQA process. If it wasn’t for CEQA we could’ve had that peripheral canal long ago! Go Jerry!

The truth is that CEQA establishes an opportunity for the public to comment on a variety of environmental-quality issues. It’s not just for tree huggers. It also grants opportunity for parents worried that increased traffic may endanger their children, or that some anti-union mega-center might impact the economic stability of a region or class, etc.

CEQA expands the consideration of a project beyond the backroom deals of those who would profit from a project. CEQA requires the “lead agency” (the one that approves a project) to respond to the public comment. This is something far different than just getting up and saying your three minutes’ worth before an unresponsive city council.

Is the entertainment media so bored for something to write about that it chooses to give this snake-oil salesman room to rant?

Randy Abbott

Homeless cleansing

I’m shocked at the TV news coverage featuring homeless citizens doing nothing more than being downtown against a background message of how unclean and unsafe downtown Chico is due to their presence.

I’m disappointed that follow-up requests to the Chico Chamber of Commerce to clarify that the goal of Clean and Safe Chico doesn’t include targeting homeless people for removal, or cleansing, from downtown haven’t been accepted. An email from Councilman Sean Morgan stating he’s working with community leaders on a sit/lie ordinance for the removal of transients downtown lends credence to my observations that some of our leaders are using this opportunity to push agendas outside the stated intent of Clean and Safe Chico.

Let’s focus on behaviors and civic pride, not stereotypes and fear mongering.

Bill Mash

When the cops don’t call

I’m writing to express my frustration with the Chico Police Department. Last Thursday my girlfriend was shopping at Costco. While she was inside [the store] her vehicle was hit in the parking lot. Some bystanders saw the whole thing happen and wrote down a description of the driver and the vehicle as well as a license-plate number. These nice people even called 911 and left a note on our car.

My girlfriend called the police right away and was told to go ahead and leave, and a cop would call her back shortly. After a few hours she called again, asking what was going on, and was told a cop would call. Officer Peña was supposed to call back. He didn’t call.

The next day we were told Officer Peña would call that afternoon on his shift. That afternoon we called again and were then told he was off till Monday and would call Monday afternoon. We called at 6 p.m. Monday night and were told he would call in just a few minutes.

At this time we have heard from no one at the Police Department. What is going on? We have spoken to other people who have had the same thing happen. It is very upsetting to be blown off, especially when we have great citizens helping us out. I understand cops have a lot more important things to worry about. But five days and no return call? Give me a break!

Nick Tomatis

Free to be rude

Re “A liar or an idiot?” (Letters, by Bill Smith, March 28):

I was reminded by Bill Smith’s letter [re Jaime O’Neill’s March 14 cover story “Notes of a gun nut”] of something I often notice in these gun discussions. Time and again, why is it that many of the “gun enthusiasts’’ so often seem to feel “entitled’’ to be rude, overbearing and downright abusive toward anyone disagreeing with them?

And these are the kinda sane, rational and mature folks saying, “Trust us … we don’t need no stinkin’ badges’’ (aka regulations)? And it begs the question, if they’re like that already, what are they like with the power of a firearm in their hand?

Mat DelFave

Council hypocrisy

In watching the evening news recently, I was appalled to witness the deceit of Ann Schwab of the Chico City Council retaking her oath of office. Since 2009 I’ve been demanding the city return the vehicles and work tools it confiscated from me without due process of law. The council’s ignoring these demands clearly demonstrates it doesn’t support the Constitution—at least not the Fourth and Fifth amendments.

The city didn’t have a warrant to take my property, nor could it have gotten one if it tried. My registrations were paid, but as I explained to Officer Person in the field, the DMV had failed to send my stickers. Instead of confirming with the DMV the legitimacy of my explanation, Officer Person proceeded to seize my vehicle. As a result, I’ve been condemned to live my life in isolation and poverty in my rural Tehama County home ever since.

Nathan Esplanade
Rancho Tehama

Who are the terrorists?

If you are looking for a definition of terrorism, look no further than our drone bombings. For every alleged terrorist killed, along with the collateral damage (innocent civilians), many people now hate America. This includes any member of the extended family of the killed individual and anyone in the village.

We have become the terrorists creating more terrorists. Cease drone bombing!

Norm Dillinger

Ruled by Agenda 21

Re “LaMalfa and Agenda 21” (Guest comment, by Allan Stellar, April 4):

In 1992, 178 nations adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21 and pledged to evaluate its progress every five years. Even though former President George H. W. Bush signed for the United States, Congress never authorized the implementation of this agenda.

Agenda 21 is about taking from wealthy countries like the United States and giving to poor countries to spread the wealth evenly. We are being forced to obey all these laws put in place by others to make it much harder for us to produce, build and live a life free as we have done for several centuries.

Unelected boards and commissions (non-governmental organizations, or NGOs) have been established around the country and supported by our taxes. Local governments are being told by these groups that they have to follow the will of these commissions in order to get funding because it is the law, when actually these commissions have never been authorized to tell us what to do. However, they hold the purse strings and make us and our local governments believe there is no other way but their way.

As citizens on the left and the right are having their property rights violated, both sides are beginning to see the greater picture and fight back.

Nancy Henry