Kitty Survivor Part II

Kibbles and bits with
As you remember, last week a team was developing between Jazzy and Cosmo, mother and son and lovers. In other news, the two cats that live under the house and I call Wild Thing and Itchy have also taken to helping each other out in the daily search for food and water (whose location I change each day). I tried to have a tribal council, but the last and eldest kitty, Zula, farts anytime she gets excited and so has been shunned by the group and the host. This is getting exciting, so stay tuned. And now a commercial:

This is the last weekend (Actors Day this Sunday!) to see The Lonesome West at the Blue Room. Did I mention that longtime Chico thespian Erik Pedersen really plays a priest better than anyone in Chico, and that Betsy Brewer rips it up as the local flirt? Well, now I did! So get going!

All right, despite some of my comments lately, there are some really good bands in town worth seeing, and they’re all coming up at the Saturday Night Music Revolution. Dog Named Blue is celebrating its 10th year playing Dead songs. Hell, some bands are selling out the Warfield doing the same thing, and we’re lucky to have these local boys who like to belt it out for free. Props to Curtis Peldo and Campbell Church for keeping it together all these years. Mike Wofchuck has a new band that he’s extremely proud of, one that combines his need to “boogie” with the rolling drums of West Africa. The former co-front man for 9 Balls Deep, Gonzo, has been woodshedding all summer with his band Chingus and is bringing their hard work back to town in August. But the biggest buzz these days is Brown House (Sunset Red meets Monkey Business); you’ll have to see ’em to believe ’em. Buffalo Creek is also coming back as a frontrunner to lead this fall’s music season. But when you see Spark ‘N’ Cinder play you gotta realize that 25 years of playing Chico makes for an incredible handicap. These guys are in their top form! North Magnetic has a new CD coming out which is the most anticipated indie release of the summer, and not to be undone IANBH is looking to change its name (send suggestions my way).