Nothing up my sleeve

Guess I don’t know my own strength at
By now everyone has seen the trick you can do with a new $20 bill (if not, find me and I’ll show you). In a nutshell, which is where most of the people live who know how to do this, folding the bill à la origami, you can transform Andrew Jackson’s domain into a burning Twin Towers on one side and, on the other side, a smashed Pentagon. The part I like is when the bill folder looks up at you and with a glint in eye says, “Get it?” Nope, I don’t. In fact my patented response is, “Did you know that if you fold a $1 bill correctly, not only will it say United Tits of America, but also George Washington’s head becomes a mushroom! “Get it?” Which they don’t and neither do I. Chico, can we agree that if we are going to drive ourselves crazy with half-formed conspiracy theories, that we keep it to ourselves?

Locally there are some cool things going on in the virtual world. First of all, it’s worth checking out A recent press release boasted that they have one of the most comprehensive libraries of band interviews, and damn if it doesn’t seem like they do. But the best part is all the free stuff you can win just by registering on the site. If the chance of winning a free Playstation or Spider-Man Lava Lamp doesn’t put some wind in your sails, well keep drifting.

Local Sean-Michael Yoder has been running his business Vinyljunkie out of Melody Records and Aftershock for a while now. And now he’s taking it to the Web with The site is dedicated to professional DJs and serious collectors of newer music such as hip-hop, house and rave music. And if none of that works for you and you crave some more depraved things to view on your screen, then you will want to visit a local band at And while still under heavy construction, the new site is looking great. Web designer Frank Bella is looking for paying gigs, so contact him via the site.

Congratulations to Mike Waltz and lovely wife Beth, who have been blessed with a baby boy named Gage Thomas Waltz. Sounds like the labor was longer than an Electric Circus show, but mom and baby are doing mighty fine. So hats off to everyone this week and drop me a line on what the word is!