Photographer, director and writer B+ is widely known primarily in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene. Not for long. What started out as a 13-minute short film (the original included on this DVD), Keepintime has evolved into an incredible two-disc set (with a sequel, Brazilintime, soon to follow). Simple concept: Legendary L.A. funk session drummers team up with some of the best hip-hop deejays in the world, live on stage. The music made is almost beyond description—vinyl scratching layered with multiple drum sets, percussion and an MPC beat machine, crossing over each other in what can only be described as beautiful soul music for the next century. What sets this apart from your average scratch DVD or funk documentary is the imagery presented with directorial detail never before seen. As a bonus, the audio CD has songs and remixes from DJ Shadow, J-Rocc and Daedelis. Lovingly assembled and brilliantly presented, Keepintime stands as the first must-see music DVD of 2004.