The Educational Archives: Sex and Drugs


Sure, you remember those classroom flicks. Those days when a teacher breathed a slow sigh of relief and let the old projector do the talking. The further you journey back from the digital/politically correct ages, the crazier those high-school educational movies get. Here, Fantoma collects some of the more outlandish and misinformed 16mm educational and social-guidance films from the 1940s through the 1970s (digitally mastered shorts)—with results that are more often than not pants-pissing funny. Watch a young San Francisco woman freak out when a hotdog she is about to eat starts screaming (“LSD: A Case Study”), or check out an obviously wrecked Sonny Bono as he tries to narrate a groovy little film titled “Marijuana.” Learn about the perils of “heavy petting” and how to talk to your daughter about the joys of menstruation. Two hours’ worth of paranoid hilarity and social history wrapped into one.