Take Me to the Plaza

Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins appear at Duffy’s Tavern on Thursday, Dec. 4.

No stranger to Chico audiences, pop troubadour Jonathan Richman has raised his profile somewhat in recent years, and this live concert DVD filmed at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco is further proof. Shot by former Chicoan Miles Montalbano, this great-sounding DVD documents a fairly typical acoustic performance from Richman and drummer Tommy Larkins, as they cruise through a set of mostly new tunes and a few classics (“Pablo Picasso,” “I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar” and “Give Paris One More Chance”). Special features include a discography, two bonus songs and two candid interviews from the historically reclusive singer. The first interview provides insight into the history of his career and songwriting—from pre-Velvet Underground days to now—while the second serves as a sort of comeuppance for lying journalists and record companies, as Richman takes note of wrong-doings during his career. Altogether, a great addition to the Richman catalog for fans.