Desperate Teenage Lovedolls

We Got Power/Eclectic

“In a scene of no values … where drugs and cheap thrills fill the date book … where rock ’n’ roll means death ’n’ destruction”—so goes the tagline for this classic, underground L.A. cult romp from 1984. Featuring such immortal lines as “Thanks for killing my mom”—“Hey, no problem,” the no-budget Super 8 film follows the drugged-out rampage of Bunny, Kitty and Patch, teenaged runaways who kill their parents and form the hottest all-girl rock group of all-time, battling rival group The She Devils, their annoying mothers and psyche-ward doctors. An instant hit with the L.A. punk scene, the film is a pure-bred of trash that rates with early John Waters and Russ Meyer. Extras include funny commentary, lost trailers, a brief film history, outtakes and a video for Red Kross’s “Ballad of a Lovedoll.”