Biggie & Tupac

You may remember Brit documentarian Nick Broomfield’s provocative (though biased) documentary Kurt & Courtney, which tried to prove the Nirvana star’s suicide was actually murder. Here, Broomfield tackles another high-profile celebrity case: the unsolved murders of rap superstars Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. This story contains much more solid conspiracy-conjecturing material, with lead investigators quitting over the notorious LAPD’s handling of related cases. While Broomfield (like Michael Moore) relies too much on shocking his subjects with sudden camera interviews, he still presents a fascinating look at the linked tragedies by talking to family, police and seedy hangers-on, who provide facets viewers must assess for themselves (everyone has something to gain). Most guilt points go toward the hulking Suge Knight, and the most sympathetic character is Biggie’s mom. Worth a watch for all hip-hop fans.