Juicing Book


This site is full of info about making fresh juice from 55 different vegetables and 21 fruits. We are told exactly what the juice from each fruit and vegetable is good for. Watermelon juice, for instance, is traditionally used for bladder and kidney problems, and as a digestive tonic. “Most of the nutrition from a melon is in its rind,” the site says. “Therefore you definitely want to juice the rind and as such, try to get organic melons when possible.” Cauliflower juice is good against asthma and cancer; asparagus juice helps the nervous system; and carrot juice is helpful for eye problems and cancer. There is a nutritional analysis for each fruit and vegetable, and 57 recipes for special mixed juices like “Bubba’s Drink” (kale, parsley, celery and cucumber) and “Flower Power” (cauliflower, cilantro, carrots and celery). There’s also info on sprouting seeds, nuts and beans. Juicers, sprout-growing trays, pasta makers and meat grinders are offered for sale, but you won’t be hit over the head with this info, and access to juicing and sprouting information is not restricted if you’re not buying anything.