John-Michael Sun

Love and Peace

On John-Michael Sun’s current CD, Love and Peace, the guitar arrangements are streamlined, the instrumentation sparse, but the message is clear. Chico’s longtime acoustic troubadour means business when it comes to the progressive core values of peace and love. Delicate acoustic strumming and a soft-spoken vocal delivery that includes Sun’s own harmonizing background vocals combine for a soothing listening experience. But while Sun has your ear he leaves no doubt that he longs for a day when all people, domestic and abroad, put down their anger, their weapons and peacefully coexist. Given his worldview, Sun (the Chico StreetPeace coordinator’s real name) could come off as bitter, pessimistic and combative, spewing vitriol at every turn. But part of Sun’s appeal is his ability to take the high road and march on with optimism in his soul and songs in his heart. “I have a lot of hope and faith in you and I,” he croons confidently in one song. “Even though icebergs are melting, it’s another sunny day.” Available by e-mailing