Rachel McGoye

Beautiful Disaster

Who is Rachel McGoye? What’s her story? Let’s hear from the source: “After independently releasing her acoustic debut EP, Rachel McGoye finally woke up and realized it was the day to quit waiting tables and become a full-time singer/songwriter. Five years in Los Angeles, several recycled and unsuccessful relationships, and a repeatedly stolen bicycle inspired her new full-length release, Beautiful Disaster.” What’s her sound? “The tinge of folk, pop, a little rock and touch of soul will definitely have you addicted.” Whoa, whoa, online bio! I’ll be the judge … and, actually, that’s not too far off. Her voice stirs echoes of Sade; her arrangements—yes, she did ’em herself—fuse funky slap-bass grooves with folk guitar and keyboards. Apart from “Ooh La La,” which could have been ripped from an Indigo Girls album (a compliment), every track is distinctly hers (notables: “Late Night Lover,” “Try Try” and “Shine”). I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have a Rachel McGoye addiction … but I can’t get her songs out of my head, so maybe I’m just in denial.