The Creole Belles

Cajun and Creole

The Creole Belles have spread their spicy musical gumbo around the Bay Area for more than a decade. Finally the female foursome, along with longtime collaborator Andrew Carriere, has captured their squeezebox-and-fiddle-dominated zydeco and Cajun ditties on record. The resulting album, Cajun Creole, is a whimsical throwback mix of French Louisiana-flavored knee slapping, hand clapping, dance-inspired joy. The project’s 18 tracks (which all clock in at less than three and a half minutes apiece) make up a celebratory collection of musical heritage. Each of the tracks includes notes tracing the roots of the song and how The Creole Belles adopted it. Part of the group’s charm is its “aw shucks” approach—scaled-down fiddle, accordion, guitar, stand-up bass and rubboard arrangements and homespun style (Delilah Lee Lewis’ vocals sound straight off the farm) make for a charismatic collection. Perhaps The Creole Belles will achieve greater acclaim and renown, but this group might just be best performing as it has been, at fairs and community events.