Homeless man’s heavenly gift

Musician donates a guitar to homeless man who got ripped off

Clem Edwards smiled as he recounted how he’d received a new guitar. He’d found himself in a lot of distress recently—someone had ripped off his instrument and backpack when he’d stepped into the public restroom at Ringel Park.

Edwards was featured in a June 24 CN&R Newsline “Is it legal to play music on the street?” The local homeless man passes his days playing in various public spaces, making enough money to support himself.

On Sunday (June 27), Edwards sat on his usual spot at the little wall next to Bidwell Presbyterian Church, despondent over the loss of his instrument. When parishioners discovered his plight, word of mouth spread quickly. Before long, an anonymous musician who attends the church had offered a guitar.

“I am so lucky, I can’t believe it,” said Edwards, holding the Ibañez guitar. “I cried when they gave it to me. God does provide.”