Truancy case not finished yet

Glenn County’s outgoing DA vows to pursue forgery charges against parents

The Glenn County District Attorney’s office is appealing a judge’s order that dismissed the truancy case against Orland residents Shannon and William “Jamie” Anderson. The Andersons (pictured) were accused of forging a doctor’s note for their sick child, and a Glenn County Superior Court judge said the felony charge that had been filed against them isn’t applicable.

The appeal that’s apparently coming is surprising, given that the judge had thrown out the charges; the Glenn County DA, Robert Holzapfel, lost his seat in the June 8 election; and the offbeat case might seem undeserving of time and resources. The Andersons deny forging the note.

Helen Duree, the Andersons’ attorney, said she was incensed that a “lame duck” DA would proceed with such a case. “How much more money and court time does Glenn County want to spend on prosecuting these parents over a truancy issue?” Duree asked in a recent e-mail.