School for wannabe cops

Chico PD hosts training camp for Explorers

Potential police officers are being put to the test this week on Chico State’s campus, as the Chico Police Department hosts its first Law Enforcement Explorers Training Academy.

The program is designed for young men and women considering a career in law enforcement, and is conducted under the watchful eye of police officers acting as advisers. It offers hopefuls hands-on experience in the form of staged training exercises and rides with officers on patrol, as well as classroom education and testing.

Explorers from the Tehama County and Shasta County sheriff’s departments and the Gridley, Oroville and Chico police departments are participating in the effort.

Training will end on Friday (June 25) with an evaluation of the explorers’ performances during 10 different practical scenarios in which they will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of subject matter covered during the week. The evaluation will be followed by a graduation ceremony at 6 p.m.