Here, kitty kitty

Zoo visitors got treated to a glimpse of one of the rarest animals in the world last week, when a female Amur leopard cub made its first appearance outside of the den of its enclosure at Marwell Zoological Park in southern England.

The adorable 14-week-old cub is the product of a captive-breeding program designed to save the rare cats. Amur leopards are native to forest and mountain regions of Russia, China and Korea, but declining habitats, trophy hunting and poaching over many years have pushed the species to the brink of extinction. Just 35 of the animals are said to exist in the wild—now living only in easternmost Russia.

Breeding program officials hope to reintroduce the leopard to its homeland. To do so, they are looking for donations. On its Web site (, the zoo is also asking the public to help name the cub.