Halloween rowdy, nonviolent

Despite a busy weekend for local law enforcement, no major violence

Overall, for a Halloween holiday that fell on a weekend, things were rowdy but civilized this year. Revelers certainly kept the Chico Police Department—and the several other agencies that pitched in—busy, with 525 calls for service on Saturday (versus 452 last Halloween) and 58 arrests (versus 41 in 2014). But, the biggest takeaway for Sgt. Greg Keeney is that this year there was no violence.

“I've been here a long time—19 years—and I don't ever remember having a Halloween where we didn't have someone with some sort of felony-level injury,” he said by phone. “We're really thankful for that.”

Among the 58 arrests, 49 were misdemeanors and nine were felonies. Officers issued an additional 76 citations; 64 for minor in possession, six for traffic and six for municipal code violations.