Guns spelled backwards is snug

I am El Cid!
This just in: Charlton Heston has reported he has Alzheimer’s. Imagine if Moses had Alzheimer’s. “All righty then, I present to you my people the 10 Commandments. Hello, OK, here then is the 12 Commandments. Right, so who ordered that pork matzo sandwich with a side of burning bush? Has anybody seen the manna? I had a bit here in my pocket, but I somehow lost it. Why am I carrying these rocks around?” Crash. This just in: Charlton Heston has announced that that he disavows any connection to the NRA or Orson Welles.

On a different note, the Red Room is filling the void in town left by the closing of Juanita’s, 319 and Harrington’s. The bookings have been diverse, with an emphasis on jam bands but catering to all. Could it be the influence of part-time booker Dave Breed (original drummer for Electric Circus, Nothing Day, Meridian etc.) or just that the room craves live entertainment. In any case I’m not complaining. Fact is that many bands in town just cannot fill LaSalle’s, and having a smaller venue is perfect for developing an act. Could it be that we have a new sensation in our midst? Check it out!

Well, the line-up for the 10th Annual Music Revolution is up around town. And there are many great bands not listed, as we just don’t have the room. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, only because the number staggers me, but we’ve hosted over 500 bands. That’s a lot of talent. Some of the bands are so big that’s it’s doubtful they will play again, notably: Jimmy Eat World, Yonder Mountain String Band, Living Daylights and Dan Bern. But this is a great time on a Saturday night. Did I mention it’s 6-8:30 on Saturday nights and free. This just in: Charlton Heston announced he would be doing a raffle at the events.

I cannot believe how many people wanted the conclusion to my Kitty Survivor Contest. Well, fact is, the saga continues. The wild white cat, Itchy, has been the victim of a raccoon attack but is holding on. I mentioned Jazzy’s odor problem, but did I say that she is the elder of the group (I’ve had her 12 years) and is truly senile. She now meows at the water heater repeatedly, while Wild Thing, Cosmo and Zula eat all her food. So let’s see how this heat spell treats everyone, and for you not involved in a survivor series, stay cool and have a crazy summer.