Grocery bill going up?

You’re not alone. As a result of a recent global obsession with grains for use in ethanol, rises in fertilizer and gas prices, bad weather, and droughts, food prices have recently risen significantly. Few of us, however, carry a running total of the price of milk and calculate it in front of the dairy section. So, how much have food prices actually risen from last year?

Cost per pound (U.S. city average)

      April 2007 April 2008 % change
White flour $0.35 $0.52 +48
Grade A eggs $1.62 $2.07 +28
Whole milk $3.14 $3.80 +21
White bread $1.20 $1.37 +14
Tomatoes $1.63 $1.77 +9
Ground beef $2.68 $2.83 +6
Navel oranges $1.24 $0.93 -25

Source: Consumer Price Index