The price of war

It should come as no surprise that the United States has spent an immense amount of money on the war in Iraq. For fiscal year 2007-08, the approved amount totaled almost $526 billion. The chart below breaks that cost down into how much each state paid, and includes the proposed budget for the war in the upcoming year. The National Priorities Project also breaks down costs by county and city, estimating that Butte County residents contributed $70.3 million this fiscal year and, for Chicoans in particular, that number is $19.1 million. According to the site, that much money would pay for 274 elementary-school teachers for a year in Chico—and 1,009 in Butte County.

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States 07-08 Proposed 08-09
Arizona $7.24 trillion $1.86 trillion
California $66.62 trillion $17.15 trillion
Connecticut $12.84 trillion $3.31 trillion
Florida $28.85 trillion $7.43 trillion
Montana $805 billion $973.7 billion
New York $47.18 trillion $12.15 trillion
Texas $43.01 trillion $11.08 trillion
United States $525.9 trillion $135.42 trillion