Ain’t so bad after all

There’s constant talk about health insurance, but aside from commercial after commercial from Allstate and Geiko, there’s not a lot of hubbub surrounding car insurance. That could have something to do with the fact that California has the best record of regulating car-insurance increases. Between 1989 and 2005, rates skyrocketed around the United States, but here in the Golden State they went up only 12.9 percent. Of course, drivers in many states still pay less than we do, even though their rates more than doubled. Here’s a snapshot of what we, and people in other states, pay:

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State 1989 2005 % increase
California $747.97 $844.50 12.9
Rhode Island $725.82 $1,059.13 45.9
Oregon $466.29 $736.67 58
Idaho $348.31 $582.99 67.4
Florida $610.21 $1,063.36 74.3
South Dakota $273.51 $565.23 106.7
U.S. average $551.95 $829.17 50.2

Source: MarketWatch