Go ahead, green your Halloween

Before you go out and buy a costume or stock your favorite candy bowl, take a few minutes to plan your Halloween celebration. It’s easy to have fun on Oct. 31 without harming the environment. Here are some essential tips for having an earth-friendly holiday:

Candy land: Buy fair-trade varieties that use the least amount of packaging.

Sack it: Instead of a paper or plastic bag, use a pillow case or cloth bag to collect candy.

Concoct ’em: Instead of buying a costume, create one out of old clothes and other household materials. If you come up empty, try shopping at thrift stores.

Party favors: Buy or use reusable utensils, plates, napkins and tablecloths for your party. At the very least, buy disposable items made from recycled materials.

More décor: Don’t throw away your Halloween decorations. Keep them out of landfills by using them year after year.

Bright idea: Use beeswax or soy candles instead of products made from petroleum-based paraffin.

Pumpkin pile: Before carving pumpkins, look up recipes for pie, soup and seeds. Start a compost pile from your jack-o-lanterns.

Source: www.earthshare.org and www.sierraclub.com