Take a deep breath

Many communities across the United States have terrible air quality, stemming mostly from ground-level ozone—the primary component of smog.

The air we breathe has a lot to do with the way we feel, so we should all do our part to keep it cleaner.

Earth911.com has plenty of steps to take that can help us all breathe easier. The site’s list of 50 things you can do for cleaner air ranges from no-brainers to brilliant. In addition to helping keep the air clean, many of the tips will save money, too.

Here are a few clever suggestions:

Stay home: Avoid commuting altogether by telecommuting.

In the car: Keep your tires inflated. Proper air pressure enhances gas mileage, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving you money at the pump.

Home improvement:When painting, choose water-based products or those that contain no volitile organic compounds.

In the kitchen: Instead of using the oven or stove, save energy by heating small meals in the microwave.

At the office: Print and photocopy on both sides of a paper. Cutting down on paper waste saves trees, which are natural carbon scrubbers.