Take the challenge

As a member of the Green Campus Program at Chico State, graduate student Amelia Gulling has sparked a lot of changes on campus. She and the other members of the group have helped implement energy-saving features that also save the university money. Last semester, the student organization finished turning an ordinary dormitory into an eco-friendly dwelling now called Sustainability House.

Gulling, now director of the program, has met a lot of people who want to know what they can do to live in a more sustainable manner. To help spread the word, she has come up with Going Green Challenges, a weekly e-mail to friends, family and other folks prompting them to undertake certain tasks.

Gulling said the challenges can be done by anyone. Her first one is to get informed, and here’s how she suggests doing so:

Pick up a documentary: Watch a movie about an environmental issue, such as The 11th Hour, An Inconvenient Truth, Who killed the Electric Car? or Oil on Ice.

Do some research: Use a search engine to look up and read about global warming, green products, or any topic related to environmental issues.

Discuss: Talk about what you’ve learned with others. Ask questions and create a dialog about whatever environmental issues interest you.

To join Gulling’s e-mail list, contact her at agulling84@yahoo.com. To learn more about Chico Green Campus, visit www.csuchico.edu/greencampus.