Fresh Maker

Alex Wonacott

Alex Wonacott is a Chico State student majoring in graphic design who’s building a unique brand of clothing. His screenprinted Tasty Threads clothing line is bright and carries connotations such as the brand’s signature sticker of an ice cream cone smoking a blunt and the saying “stay dank” on the inside of his bracelets. Tasty Threads was Wonacott’s personal signature in doodles and art since high school in the Bay Area. Search for Tasty Threads at for more info.

Where did the idea come from?

In my high-school art class I was designing a calendar, and my teacher failed me. He said if I was designing a T-shirt I’d get an A+, so one door closed and another opened.

When did you start production and what did you first make?

In high school I made T-shirts; those were the first Tasty Threads products. Now I have four types of shirts, two wristbands and four shirts in the making. A couple I designed myself and [for] a couple I [have sought] out professional artists.

Who does your brand appeal to?

College students, some girls. [The women] usually will buy and cut the shirts, but I have [women’s] shirts coming out in the spring.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Artwork, other artwork, my doodles and drawings. I’m minoring in painting.

Would you say you cater to weed culture?

It’s a definite possibility; a lot of people who buy my stuff partake in weed. My stickers are an ice cream cone smoking a blunt. It’s something I like and would draw all the time, and a week before the promotion party we needed a sticker and I drew it up. The inside of my “stay fresh” bracelets say “stay dank.” It’s just for people who paid enough attention and really care; it’s some extra love.

What does “stay fresh” mean?

Stay fresh, stay on top of your shit, stay trim, stay classy.

How do you sell your products?

Facebook right now, and my friend’s helping me design a website for the future. I’ve sold 100 T-shirts, 600 bracelets, 300 stickers.

What are your plans for the future and expansion?

I want a store with an art gallery in the Bay Area with all my homies’ art; that’d be the shit. I’m not trying to sell stupid half-ass products, I’m selling my life.