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Big Slim creates 101 songs in 101 weeks

Photo By PHOTO courtesy of Nate joyner

Nate “Big Slim” Joyner recently reached a major milestone. On Sept. 17, the Chico hip-hop emcee released his 101st new song in as many weeks. Big Slim’s website, New Music Monday, where he archives his weekly creations, explains that each entry is an entirely new song created from scratch the week before. What makes this emcee a rapidly rising Chico icon is his unquestionable work ethic. Go to www.new-music-monday.com to check out his songs.

How long have you been emceeing?

About 16 years ago I had a demo on a cassette tape I used to hand out in school. I started performing live on stage [in] like 2002.

Was it easier/harder than you expected?

It was easy to do what I love, which is song write. After a while it did become hard to create, come anew each week, but the passion was always there.

How do you choose your subject matter for each song?

I typically let the instrumental dictate where I’ll go with the lyrics. If I vibe to the beat and feel it, I tend to expand on that feeling the music gives.

Did you ever envision achieving 100 songs in 100 weeks?

I envisioned making it to 100 weeks when I got to about 70, but it didn’t become real to me ’til week 98 or so.

Do you plan on compiling the songs into an album?

I’ve compiled 52 of the songs into a three-volume mixtape. I’m looking to expand into an album at a later date.

Is this the end of New Music Monday?

I’m not sure. Sunday nights have been studio time for me and my crew for a long time now; it would be odd to not work. Never say never.

What have you learned about yourself over this process?

I learned that I could set a goal, be patient, stay focused and accomplish that goal no matter the circumstance. I learned how to persevere and shake things off in order to push forward. I wouldn’t be here if not for Cris Kenyon and his music engineering skills; he is just as dedicated to Music Monday as I am, if not more. I also learned that I can use my power as a poet and songwriter for a greater good that affects people in a positive way beyond the usual things that rap songs typically portray. In turn, brightening someone’s outlook on life has helped me grow as a person and as an artist.