Four decades of commitment and counting

Our 40th anniversary of telling stories that aren’t being told elsewhere

The authors are majority owners of the News & Review newspapers in Chico, Sacramento and Reno.

We missed the first three years of the Chico News & Review. After moving off campus in 1977, a brave, idealistic team with almost no business savvy put out a great paper each week. With wonderful news stories and excellent arts coverage, the CN&R really was making a difference in Chico.

In the spring of 1980, Jeff met some CN&R staff members at an alternative newspaper convention in San Francisco. They asked him to join the team as their advertising sales manager. So, he came up to Chico to interview with the staff.

Things were not looking good. The paper owed money to the IRS and multiple printers, and many of the staff had not been paid in months. And, it was May, which meant that in a few weeks the students would leave and advertising funds would dry up until August.

Everything seemed hopeless, except for one thing: the staff. Despite a lack of air conditioning, a lack of equipment, and not having been paid in months, those on staff stuck it out. Each week they came together and somehow put out a solid paper.

When we moved to Chico in 1980, we joined people putting out a paper that they loved, in a town they loved, with people that they loved.

This is the 40th anniversary of their commitment. The paper continues to tell stories that aren’t being told elsewhere. And today independent journalism is under attack, but it is more important than ever. Despite many challenges, we stay committed to telling the stories of our community, to making sure many voices are heard, and to making a difference, for the better.

We are so grateful to all of the people who have at one time been part of the CN&R and, of course, to the people of Chico, without whom this paper would not be possible. Thank you.