Follow the money

California has been a huge contributor to the campaigns of 2008 presidential hopefuls. So huge, in fact, that it’s No. 1 in the nation for individual contributions and No. 1 for Republican contributions (although those made up only 35.8 percent of the state total). Here’s a look at the just how much money we’ve donated—and to whom—thus far.

Hillary Clinton$13,114,010$2,501
Barack Obama$12,082,187$4,005
Mitt Romney$6,582,749$13,730
Rudolph W. Giuliani$5,170,327$750
John Edwards$4,087,972$7,395
John McCain$3,784,726$941
Bill Richardson$1,896,030$1,170
Christopher J. Dodd$726,612n/a
Ron Paul$701,874$3,350