Things are looking up

Despite President Bush’s approval rating dropping below 50 percent in every state in the country, recent polls indicate a growing number of Americans are optimistic about the Iraq war.

According to a national survey conducted Nov. 20-26, nearly half of the public (48 percent) thinks military efforts in Iraq are going well. Similar research in Februrary indicated only 30 percent of the public believed things were going well then. Even still, a majority of respondents think U.S. troops should come home.

    Feb.   June   Sept.   Nov.   Feb.-Nov. change  
Military effort is going:
Very/Fairly well30%34%41%48%+18
Not too/At all well67%61%54%48%-19
Don’t know3%5%554%+1
Defeating the insurgents:
Making progress30%32%37%43%+13
Losing ground55%50%44%44%-11
Don’t know15%18%19%13%-2
The United States should:
Keep troops in42%39%39%41%-1
Bring troops home53%56%54%54%+1
Don’t know5%5%7%5% 0