Feel their pain

Hollywood screenwriters have voted to go on strike if their guild can’t negotiate an acceptable contract with producers and studios. Sure, this will hurt the scribes—what about our beloved stars? Networks and studios have stockpiled scripts and sped up production, but if the writers walk (as they did in 1988), soundstages will sit empty. Besides the audience, who stands lose the most? The Forbes Celebrity 100 offers insight.

Star    ‘07 earnings    Strike effect   
Jerry Bruckheimer    $120 mil. CSI: nada
Steven Spielberg $110 mil.Best home movies ever!
Johnny Depp $92 mil.Unshaven, unkempt, unemployed
Tom Hanks $74 mil. “Wilson? Where are you, Wilson?!?”
David Letterman $40 mil. “Guests? Where are you, guests?”
Brad Pitt $35 mil. More time for adoptions
Tom Cruise $35 mil. L. Ron Hubbard: the one-man play
Jay Leno $34 mil. Nightly improv with Ross the Intern
Nicole Kidman $28 mil.Keith Urban’s tour bus
Angelina Jolie $20 milSee: Brad Pitt

Earnings source: Forbes.com