Flip-flop makeover

African company turns trashed footwear into crafts

As August winds down and turns into September, the end of summer isn’t too far away. Ditto perhaps for the end of your favorite pair of flip-flops, which are probably just about worn out from all the fun you’ve had trekking in the sun.

Don’t just toss them in the garbage—turn them into art. Actually, send them to the folks at Kenyan flip-flop recycling company UniquEco, and they will turn them into colorful, imaginative pieces of art and jewelry sold to tourists and at local craft fairs, providing a sustainable living for UniquEco workers while they help clean up the environment. Also, 9 percent of the money from each sale goes to charity.

If you want to mail your old flip-flops directly to UniquEco, the address in Nairobi is on the company’s Web site (www.uniqueco-designs.com). What might be easier, and cheaper, is sending them to the folks at StyleSubstanceSoul (3525 Del Mar Heights Road #582, San Diego, CA 92130), who will send them on to UniquEco www.stylesubstancesoul.com/flip_flops.html).