Take a dip

Some cool spots for hot days

Sure, it’s been blistering around these parts. This is Chico, remember?

But instead of staying indoors all day long, try heading to some nearby cool spots. Getting out of the house will give your air-conditioning unit—and your pocketbook—a break.

Here are some of our favorite places to go when the heat is unbearable:

The Sacramento River—go tubing or lounge on the banks near the frigid waterway. You’ll cool down in no time.

One-Mile—find your own little shady spot beneath the sycamores and hop in the pool at this popular area at Lower Bidwell Park.

Brown’s Hole—this nice swimming hole is a little more remote, making it much less crowded than Salmon Hole and Bear Hole.

Big Chico Creek—pick just about any spot throughout the length of Lower Bidwell Park. You’ll find plenty of shallow spots for the kiddies.

Butte Creek—head into Butte Creek Canyon and check out the Honey Run Covered Bridge. Then slip into the refreshing creek.