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Before he gained national attention as a political analyst and predictor of presidential elections—correctly calling 49 of the 50 state contests in 2008 (and 50 of 50 in 2012)—statistician Nate Silver made a name for himself in the world of sabermetric analysis for professional baseball. Now, as editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight—his former New York Times political blog that was purchased by ESPN and turned into a much-expanded stat-geek site—he has an outlet for both. FiveThirtyEight actually covers a wide variety of topics, including science, health, economics and popular culture. But the two busiest components of the site are, of course, politics and sports, and right now, with the presidential primary season in full swing and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors providing so much statistical fodder as the team smashes multiple records, the site is electric with information. In addition to providing cleanly presented basic information in elegant graphs and charts (current delegate counts, primary forecasts, game predictions), the site’s writers flesh out the numbers with in-depth articles like “Trump Is the Weakest GOP Front-Runner in the Modern Era,” and extremely important studies, such as researching the “Best Burrito in America.”