Rory’s Story Cubes: Batman

Gamewright/DC Comics

Cleverly concealed beneath Batman’s cape and cowl, Rory’s Story Cubes deliver solid edutainment and a creative tool disguised as a dice game. Players take turns, rolling three dice, and use the results to collectively create an original Batman story. Nine dice offer a wide variety of characters (Riddler, Robin, Alfred), objects (Batmobile, toxic vat, bag of money), and settings (factory, prison cell, Wayne Manor) so the rolls remain fresh over time, but the depth of the game ends there. While kids will have fun simply combining the dice into a story, the game’s greatest asset is inspiring imagination. In finding creative ways to tie together the die rolls, the story cubes challenge all ages to look beyond the obvious symbol on the face of the die and ask questions—a valuable life skill. What’s the importance of a chandelier to Wayne Manor? How could a newspaper in a prison cell lead to an explosion at the docks? Perfect for quick mental kick start.