Green Arrow: Deluxe Edition

Jeff Lemire’s (Sweet Tooth, Trillium) run with Green Arrow brings the archer’s comic exploits in line with The CW’s popular series Arrow. These 20 collected issues share subtle similarities with the TV series—the importance of the island to the hero’s backstory, the inclusion of John Diggle and the costume and arrow design of artist Andrea Sorrentino (Old Man Logan)—enough to suggest a shared universe without being a rerun. Lemire’s story nicely builds a unique world for Green Arrow, one of ancient warring clans, familial ties and relics and symbols. The writer also highlights the correlation between the spoiled playboy Oliver Queen and his selfish superhero alter-ego in a way that has consequences for both his Queen and Arrow personae, giving the mask some human depth. The story is engaging, and Sorrentino’s art deftly suggests our heroes’ youth without making them look childish. Plus, Lemire makes trick arrows cool again.