Exploding Kittens

With the distinct boast of being the “Most-backed Kickstarter Project Ever” (nearly $9 million in pledges), this card game is a true product of the Internet. However, the Internet influences don’t end there. Created by Elan Lee (formerly of Xbox), Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) and Shane Small (Marvel game designer), Exploding Kittens is a twisted viral cat video full of tacocat palindromes, unicorns and rainbow barf. It’s everything the Internet loves. Gameplay is simple—think Uno with a random chance to lose every turn—and, with an expansion, it’s scalable for two to nine players. If someone plays a card you don’t like, respond with a “NOPE” card and shut it down. The lighthearted humor and simple rules make it great for larger groups, but the game can drag on a bit too long with only two or three players. Optional rules add some depth, but don’t expect a test of skill—the real appeal is in random, underdog wins and screwing over everyone else. Again, just like the Internet.