Captain America: White

After a long gap between the initial issue’s release and subsequent issues, Captain America: White is collected in its entirety in this compilation. This is Jeph Loeb (executive producer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jessica Jones) and Tim Sale’s fourth in their color-themed series that began with Daredevil: Yellow. The color motif is weaker than in previous series, but the creative duo do Captain America and Bucky justice with a World War II story examining friendships forged in war. Longtime Cap readers will enjoy Sale’s retrospective art—with nods to Jack Kirby as well as modern influences—but may find the story underwhelming. Loeb understands and executes the characters well; however, the story may provide more revelations to those only familiar with the characters from their recent films. Furthermore, production problems continued through printing; scattered pages have darkened art and blurred text. Poor Bucky, he can never catch a break.