Exit Mundi


Has the constant threat of heightened security warnings, bird flu, global warming or dirty bombs lost the ability to keep you unblinkingly awake until the disquieting calm of dawn’s early light? How about a side trip to the darkened corners of the Internet cafe for a virtual smorgasbord of we’re all gonna die!? This Dutch Web site takes an almost demented glee in the various infinitely disturbing ways in which this fragile orb on which we reside could become barren, waterlogged, cracked or just flat-out cosmic debris. Along the way we meet bad dates with black holes; mass sterility; comet, meteor or asteroid strikes; hothouse effects; nano-carnivores, and even a zombiegeddon. Aim for the head! But wait, there’s more! With a lively, tongue-in-cheek patter that annotates each calamity with links to more source material and conveniently categorized by type of cataclysm, the site offers hours upon end on the end of all we hold so dear, and dearly love to abuse.