Oh No They Didn’t


I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve seen Paris Hilton’s vagina, Lindsay Lohan’s breasts and have read far too many conspiracy theories about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ baby (or as popularly believed, pillow), Suri. While others waste time on MySpace, I habitually refresh the celebrity gossip blog, OhNoTheyDidn’t, or ONTD to regular readers. An online community on the popular blog site LiveJournal, ONTD is filled with the latest pictures of celebrities’ not-so-proud moments, like wardrobe malfunctions, bad plastic surgery or drunken falls, information about upcoming movies or albums, gossip tidbits, magazine scans of a wide variety, and other forms of guilty pleasure. Possibly more entertaining than the posts themselves are the comments each post receives. After all, the community’s tagline is “the celebrities are disposable, the content is priceless.” It may be a giant waste of time, but ONTD is addicting. And rattling off useless celebrity trivia is a great party trick.