The Brick Testament

Ever wonder what the stories of the Bible would look like if you made them out of Legos? Uh-huh, so did Brendan Powell Smith. His site depicts scenes from Genesis and the Garden of Eden all the way to the Crucifixion. The illustrations are depicted in a dry, humorous but surprisingly accurate manner. The “Instructions for Marriage” and “Instructions for Women” are brilliant illustrations of the Epistles of Paul (who is generally not known for his open-minded and feminist writings). The ratings guide, “N” for nudity, “S” for sexual content, “V” for violence and “C” for cursing, is pretty funny, and necessary, as some of Smith’s pictures verge on risqué, and would be … if they weren’t made out of Legos. Incest, bestiality, murder and sex make these scenes unlike any you were exposed to in Sunday school. Thus far Smith has amassed more than 242 stories from 17 books of the Bible for a total of 2,758 illustrations. Books and figures are available on the site as well. Smith, a self-proclaimed atheist, claims he was inspired by God to create the stories. Bless his soul.