Trunk Monkey

Ever get into a sticky situation on the road? You probably didn’t have a monkey in your trunk ready to save the day. Unless you have a Suburban, that is. Check out a handful of commercials featuring—you guessed it—a monkey. But this isn’t your garden-variety, funny banana-thrower; it’s a Trunk Monkey. That means it hangs out in the trunk until it’s needed—like to chase off vandals, bribe a cop to get out of a speeding ticket or even to deliver a baby. Just push your “Trunk Monkey” button and there he is. The idea originally came from Subaru, way back in 2000. Suburban brought it to life when it made a bunch of Super Bowl commercials based on the idea. There’s even a “banned” version involving an accident, a shy driver and a crow bar. Check it out on Google Video (search for “trunk monkey”). You can also follow links on to buy T-shirts and other gear.