Bring Back Britney

At last, someone is trying to turn the tide of bad opinion about Britney Spears. In time to promote the unveiling of the wax statue of Britney at Madame Tussauds in London (complete with animated heaving breasts), is rallying people and fans together to save Britney from herself and return her to the pop music eye from which she claimed her fame. Strategy includes countering her press in the tabloids for her bad marriage, her oft-criticized parenting skills (son Sean Preston riding in the car on mom’s lap; 8-month-old Sean riding in the back seat in a front-facing car seat; Sean nearly taking a dive as mom doesn’t spill a drop of her drink: for more, see, or her apparent need to breed. On the site you can go to a message board: “Save Britney: Post your fondest memories of Britney Spears and ideas of how to get her back to the glory days of yore,” sign a petition, or print out a placard to express your desire to put the pop queen back in her place of glory. All pretty tongue-in-schtick, but good clean fun for those who like to gawk.