Waiter Rant


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a waiter in New York City? OK, maybe not. But this is funny stuff. An anonymous waiter, working in a high-end restaurant in NYC, started a blog about 2 1/2 years ago to get things off his chest. He writes about everything from the snooty businessmen who come in expecting to be treated like royalty to the rules of dining out to that weird thing the hostess said to him last night. And apparently people care. The test of a good blog is whether it gets any responses. A recent post about reasons a meal might be marked “void” on a check (which apparently should include things like “Entrée didn’t look like how Emeril would make it” and “Chef intoxicated/ wasted and screwed up order”), after being up for less than a week, had already gotten the attention of 211 readers. Not bad. The key, at least to me, is that he writes well. And he’s funny. He says in his first entry, “I will remain anonymous so I can tell people what this job and working in the great American ‘service economy’ is really like.” Definitely worth a few clicks.