Eco-conscious childcare

Local provider gets environmental endorsement

Jennifer Ferrini Family Childcare Home in Chico is the first kid-care center in Butte County to receive an environmental endorsement from a prominent program.

The Oregon Environmental Council’s Eco-Healthy Childcare Checklist provides a 25-step checklist for providers around the nation—addressing everything from air quality to non-toxic toys—to determine their space’s eco-healthiness and bring attention to areas needing improvement.

Once the facility qualifies, it receives an endorsement certificate and is listed as an eco-healthy provider on OEC’s Web site. Copies of the checklist can be downloaded from the site, which also offers tips on how to address eco-health concerns.

News of the endorsement comes from Lynn Haskell from Valley Oak Children’s Services. VOCS is encouraging other sites to seek endorsement and will be promoting the program on Saturday (April 25) at City Plaza during Children’s Faire.