Grist goes agro

Popular environmental site pokes fun at Earth Day

While environmentalists around the globe get all eco-sentimental, the folks over at Grist are holding their own celebration—Screw Earth Day!

Wait, Grist is an online environmental-commentary magazine. So what gives? Well, the Gristers have their tongues planted firmly in cheek with the campaign, which basically points out that people need to treat the planet well more than one day of the year.

Yep, the aim, according to the Web site, is to “underscore the importance of walking the green talk all the time.”

“Too many people tokenize Earth Day, using it as an excuse to hug a tree one day and ram it with their SUV the next,” said Chip Giller, Grist founder and CEO, in a statement. “We say, screw that. One day is for amateurs. We can do better.”